Chicago Testing Labs

Chicago Testing Laboratory is proud of our rich heritage and industry history:

Founded as the Chicago Paving Laboratory by Lester Kirschbraun a noted asphalt technologist and holder of many patents on asphaltic products.
Our name was changed to Chicago Testing Laboratory, Inc., Gene Abson became owner.  Mr. Abson was a charter member, one of the founders, and president of the AAPT.  Mr. Abson was also the creator of the Abson recovery test, which is still prominent in the industry and is recognized by ASTM as Standard D-1856.
Chicago Paper Testing was added as a division of Chicago Testing Lab to support the growing demand for testing paper and paper related products.

In conjunction with Lakeland College, JFG becomes the northern training facility for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Quality Control/Quality Assurance certification program.

JFG Technical Center purchases CTL and incorporated their staff and facility into the JFG family of companies.  CTL 's expertise in asphalt materials, including liquids testing and HMA mixture designs, are expanded.
JFG and CTL merge and take on the name Chicago Testing Laboratory.  CTL opens an office and operations in Indianapolis Indiana, known as Indianapolis Testing Laboratory.
CTL purchases Schleede Hampton and Associates of Illinois and incorporates their staff and facilities into the CTL family of companies.  CTL expertise in soils, geotechnical, construction materials testing and inspection are expanded.  CTL operations are expanded into McHenry and Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

CTL opens our current central laboratory in Warrenville which consists of nearly 7,500 square feet of laboratory and office space, capable of testing:  soils, liquid asphalt, hot mix asphalt, Portland cement concrete, aggregates, and various other materials.