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Jay MillerMr. Miller has been with CTL since 1996, Jay came to CTL directly from the Illinois Department of Transportation, at first as Director of Lab & Field Services and now as Vice President of Operations. Jay is responsible for overall operations, including lab & field management, personnel, general business development and marketing.  Jay’s primary focus will involve ensuring CTL’s century-old reputation for superior customer service is maintained and expanded.

Mr. Miller is currently a member of the following committees:  NAPA Associate Member Council, NAPA Engineering Advisory Committee, ASTM D04 Road and Paving Materials, IRTBA IDOT Joint Forum, IRTBA DuPage County Coop, IRTBA DCR Paving Subcommittee.

Prior to joining CTL, Jay worked as Construction Services Manager at a local major consulting firm, Asphalt Operations General Manager at an ENR top 100 HMA firm and as Engineering Technician for IDOT’s Bureau of Materials for 8 years.  Jay currently has over 25 years of testing and inspection industry experience.